Mission Statement

The Spokane Symphony Associates organization believes that having a symphony orchestra in Spokane enhances the quality of life in the community.

The Spokane Symphony Associates organization also believes that a volunteer organization is necessary to ensure the growth and vitality of a symphony orchestra. To this end, the Spokane Symphony Associates organization exists to provide, through its own activities, financial and volunteer support for the Symphony.

In addition, the organization provides educational and involvement opportunities for the community. The Spokane Symphony Associates organization is unique in these services.

Our vision is a thriving symphony for Spokane to enjoy for generations.

Brief History

Spokane Symphony Associates (SSA), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization that has been working in support of the Spokane Symphony Orchestra since 1963. What began as a small group of dedicated women, the “Spokane Symphony Women’s Association” was renamed “Spokane Symphony Associates” in April, 1982.

In October, 1998 the Spokane Symphony Associates became incorporated by the State of Washington.

Our organization is composed primarily of Chapters, which promote camaraderie and facilitate communication. Chapters, as well as our unaffiliated members, contribute significantly and in various capacities to all of our fundraising events.

To continue to achieve our goals, we are always seeking to expand our membership and to incorporate fresh ideas.

Board of Directors


Janet Lambarth

President Advisor

Bruce Colquhoun


Patricia Gallon


Jim Brandmueller

VP of Development

Steve Corker

VP Education

Martha Harvie

VP Finance

Bob Shaw

VP Membership

Karen Colkitt

VP Promotion & PR

Sandy Colquhoun

VP Service & Social

Kris Lamberson

Nominating Committee


Sue Kennedy

Committee Member

Bob Shaw

Committee Member

Carol Worthington-Borodin

Underwriting Committee

Committee Members

Sue Kennedy
Bob Shaw

Event Chairs

Christmas Tree Elegance

Event Chair/Co-Chair
Lori LaFrance & Karen Colkitt

Upscale Sale

Jeanette Brenner - Chair

Service Awards

Each year during the spring annual meeting, several SSA members are recognized for their outstanding achievements and or dedication to service during the previous year.

2019 Eleanor Delaney Award winner is Delia Thurber

SSA Member who has made significant contributions in several areas for an extended period of time.

2019 Sherry Knott Patron of the Arts Award winner is Annie Matlow

SSA member who has contributed significantly to a variety of arts in Spokane and surrounding areas over an extended period of time.

2019 Katherine Gellhorn Outstanding Service Award winner is Janet Lambarth

An SSA member who has made a significant contribution. This may be in one specific area.

2019 Myrna Massie Professional Award winner is Johanna Julyan

An SSA member who has contributed significantly to the organization while also having a commitment in the business world.

2019 Associates Award winner is Lorelee Bauer

An SSA member who is relatively new to the organization, but who has contributed significantly.

2019 Presidents Award winner is Betsy Johnson

Presented at the discretion of the President to an SSA member for exceptional service to the organization.

League of American Orchestras

Volunteer Council of the League of American Orchestras leads, advocates, and champions volunteer organizations in their efforts to support their orchestras, community outreach, and civic partnerships to advance the experience of orchestral music.

Currently, it is being represented by 19 volunteer associations nationwide.

Spokane Symphony Associates members who are serving or have served as a Volunteer Council representative are:

Bruce Colquhoun: 2018 to Current, 2023 Conference Chair
Peggy Springer: 2000 to 2006 as Conference Chair and 2007 to 2008 as Sustainer Liaison
Sue Kennedy:  1992 to 1995


League of American Orchestras Awards

The Spokane Symphony Associates has been recognized numerous times by the League of American Orchestras.  The League, which is comprised of over 800 orchestras across the country, is a nexus of knowledge and innovation, advocacy, and leadership advancement for managers, musicians, volunteers, and boards.

Spotlight “Award of Excellence” for:
“Upscale Sale”

2017 – 2018
Gold Book “Award of Excellence” for:
“Music Bingo”

2015 – 2016
Roundtable Classic Award winning project: “Christmas Tree Elegance”

Roundtable Award for:
“Bulletin Board”

2013 – 2014
Roundtable Award for:
“Bloom in Tune”

2012 – 2013
Gold Baton Award for: 50 years of strengthening orchestras by championing the invaluable work of America’s orchestra volunteers

2009 – 2010
Gold Award of Excellence for:
“It’s in the Bag”

2005 – 2006
Silver Award for Fund-Raising:
“Let’s Play for the Symphony”

2004 – 2005
Silver Ribbon Award for the highly creative and successful service project: “Gift Bags for Guest Artists”

2003 – 2004
Gold Ribbon Award: for “Fund-Raising”
For the highly creative and successful fund-raising project: “Christmas Tree Elegance”

1999 – 2000
Swing with the Maestro

1998 – 1999
Recognized for Symfunnies