Membership in our diverse and engaging organization lets you:

  1. Become a valued partner in helping the Spokane Symphony maintain its decades-long legacy of musical excellence, community outreach, and education.
  2. Your support comes in different invaluable forms which include monetary, volunteer service, and recruiting new members.
  3. Develop new skills and use your existing ones in ways you never imagined!
  4. Make new friends and join in with friends you already know in Spokane Symphony Associates.
  5. Increase your appreciation for classical music and all the music that our multi-talented symphony and youth symphonies play — and you’ll be glad you made the decision to help keep the music playing!

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The Spokane Symphony Associates has 8 active chapters. The purpose of the Chapters is to provide individual fundraisers within SSA, while creating friendships and supporting our great Spokane Symphony. In addition to their own fundraisers, each chapter supports SSA’s largest fundraisers: Christmas Tree Elegance and Upscale Sale.

VP Membership: Karen Colkitt


Chapter Chair:

Katherine Corrick

The Bernstein chapter started in the 1960s and is named after composer Leonard Bernstein. This chapter’s fundraiser is called “Bloom in Tune.” In the spring, this chapter works with a local nursery that donates a portion of the day’s sales to SSA. This fun event has been taking place at Judy’s Enchanted Garden at 2628 W. Northwest Blvd. This delightful corner lot is full of beautiful selections of annuals and perennials. You can fill your garden with clematis, vines, perennials, shrubs, arbors, statuary, pots, benches, and much more.

Bloom in Tune See More Photos


Chapter Chair:

Maggie Sullivan

The Cantabile Chapter started in 2010 composed of members of the Symphony Chorale. The name “Cantabile” means singable or song-like.

Cantabile grew from a need to involve Spokane Symphony Chorale members in money-raising activities of benefit to the Symphony. As a result, several of Cantabile members also sing in the Symphony Chorale and with other vocal groups around town. Examples, past and present, of money-raising activities include an annual Spring Concert, Poetry to Music and a Vocal Health Workshop. Members also help with other SSA money-raising projects.


Chapter Chair:

Kathy Morris

The Ferden chapter started in 1988 and was named after music director Bruce Ferden (1985 – 1991). This active chapter started with doing receptions for the Symphony.  Upscale Sale, started by Ferden member, Susan Kennedy, is SSA’s second largest annual fundraiser.  Upscale Sale has become a regional favorite with everyone. The entire SSA organization as well as members of our local community contribute items and time to this successful event.



Volunteer or Contribute to Upscale Sale

Forte Plus

Chapter Chair: 

Betsy Johnson

Founded in 1986, this chapter was created with the idea to help members keep in touch and get to know one another. They began by having small parties all over the city called “Let’s Play for the Symphony.” Through the years, the event has become a single day of fun tabletop games, raffle drawings, and a silent auction at the Manito Golf & Country Club. In 2019, this event celebrated its 30th year.  This event is now called “Let’s Pay for the Symphony” where members contribute to the Spokane Symphony.



Chapter Chair/Co-Chair:

Bob Gibbs & Carole Folsom

The Hampson chapter began in 2005, and is named for baritone Thomas Hampson. This chapter contributes volunteer hours and money to Christmas Tree Elegance and Upscale Sale.


Chapter Chair: 

Doug Belanger

Named after former music director Stefan Kozinski, this chapter provides gift bags to the guest artists (musicians and conductors) who perform with the Symphony. These gift bags are appreciated by all of the Symphony’s guest performers.


Chapter Chair: 

Maureen Boutz

The SSA chapter at Rockwood began in 2004. It is currently the largest chapter with more than 100 members. This growing group sponsors the Spokane Symphony’s Holiday Pops concert every year. For 10 years, this chapter participated in Christmas Tree Elegance with their own tree. Now individuals within the chapter contribute and give their time to other trees at Christmas Tree Elegance and help at the annual Upscale Sale.


Chapter Chair:

Lucretia Pladera

Created in the late 1960s, the Thulean Chapter was started by Katherine Gellhorn, and was named for music director Donald Thulean (1962-1984). Their current fundraiser is called the Uneventful Event. Members contribute to the Symphony without the stress of putting on a money-raising project. They contribute volunteer hours and money for Christmas Tree Elegance, Upscale Sale, and other fundraising events.

Unaffiliated Members

These members are not affiliated with any of the chapters. They give support to all of the fundraisers by providing volunteer hours and financial support. This is a great option for people who have limited time and still desire to be included in SSA activities.