The Cantabile chapter started in 2010. The name “Cantabile” means singable or songlike. Our first benefit concert was in Cheney at Showalter Hall on the EWU campus, after that year we moved the benefit concert to St. John’s Cathedral for several years. We also tried another holiday fundraiser called “Caroling With the Chorale”. Community members would pay to sing with us at a practice event and then all present divided up in teams to go sing at care centers and hospitals. It went over well in the community and took place for about 3 years. It was fun but a lot of work and went away when holiday concert demands increased for the Chorale.

Led by Director Kristina Ploeger-Hekmatpanah, the Chorale enjoys a dedicated volunteer base of 80 singers from the greater Spokane, Davenport, Cheney and Coeur d’Alene area.

Over 100 hours of volunteer rehearsal and performance time is required for each concert season.

The professions of these volunteers vary from music educators, church choir directors, opera and theater performers, doctors, nurses, realtors, salesmen, homemakers, and many others who come together to share a love of singing.

Each spring the Chorale has a successful fundraising event at the Westminster United  Church of Christ for all of the public enjoy.

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