About Christmas Tree Elegance

-Spokane Symphony Associates announce plans for CTE 2020-

River Park Square will host Christmas Tree Elegance 2020 on Dec. 1-13. The event raised more than $400,000 for the Spokane Symphony last year with $1 raffle tickets and extraordinary tree displays and prizes Because River Park Square best meets the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, no trees with raffle tickets and prizes will be displayed at the Historic Davenport Hotel this year. With guidance from Dr. Bob Lutz of the Spokane Regional Health District and the River Park Square Management Team, we have been able to develop a second-floor layout that will spread trees from Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters. The plan was developed with social distancing as the top priority. Tickets will be sold in two locations on the second level of River Park Square- a central area near the escalators and at the ticket window across from Francesca’s. Volunteers will help social distancing with a one-way traffic plan. Our ticket sellers and ticket stations will be equipped with appropriate PPE.
The Spokane Symphony Associates, which produces Christmas Tree Elegance, plans to return to the Davenport Hotel in 2021 with a portion of the event but are so pleased to be able to place wonderful trees that volunteers have worked hard to create in this very difficult year.

Thank you, River Park Square.

Spokane Symphony Associates hosts this yearly 13 day regional event, attracting more than 100,000 attendees from Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, California, and Canada. The event features the raffle of themed and beautifully decorated trees located at the Historic Davenport Hotel and River Park Square.

The celebration is the largest of our annual fundraisers and 2020 marks our 38th year. This highly anticipated event is the culmination of 11 months of planning and efforts by our tireless volunteers. 2019 was our largest year ever having sold 437,247 raffle tickets!

Our continued success is largely due to the generous support of the donors to our trees and events.

How It Works

Individuals and businesses donate to create 18 amazing tree displays with values of up to $4,999 in decorations and prizes. These trees are then presented at River Park Square and the Historic Davenport Hotel during December each year. This event is free and open to the public.

Raffle tickets are sold at both locations during the event for $1 each. Then a public drawing ceremony is held at each venue at the end of the event to see who won that year’s trees.

There are also Holiday Luncheon Concerts at the Historic Davenport Hotel.

Tree #8 “Reflections on the River.” Tree Sponsor: Ziegler Lumber Company

Attended by more than 100,000 people every year!

2020 Dates and Locations


RiverPark Square

Tuesday, Dec. 1 – Sunday, Dec. 13

Ticket Sales Close Sunday, Dec. 13 at 4:00pm
Drawing to Follow


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Chairs and Committee Members

Event Chair
Elizabeth Raol

Historic Davenport Facility Leaders
Elizabeth Raol

River Park Square Facility Leaders
Pauli Bailey
Don Willingham

Davenport Tower Display Tree Decorator: Cookie Billups
Davenport Grand Display Tree Decorator: Tracie Flanigan
Davenport Centennial Display Tree Decorator: Michelle Duncan
River Park Square Display Tree Decorator: Johanna Julyan

2019 Winners List

2019 Christmas Tree Elegance Winners List
Tree #1: Brian Clark
Tree #2:Belinda Groh
Tree #3:Rachael Lafser
Tree #4:Katie McKeehan
Tree #5:Susan Goar
Tree #6:Carly Marcella
Tree #7:Michelle Sebastian
Tree #8:Debbie Novak
Tree #9:Meaghan Reddish
Tree #10:Tyler Loessin
Tree #11:Lucinda Healy
Tree #12:Meghan Keenan
Tree #13:Teresa Damon
Tree #14:Barb Hamilton
Tree #15:Jamison Edwards
Tree #16:Lisa Cleveland
Tree #17:Dena Klein
Tree #18:Peggy Vandersleet
Old World Father Christmas –Kristie Lester


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